Envirogrow Lawn & Landscape offers two standard plans for the homeowner who desires a fertilization plan with their mowing contract.

The first is a chemical fertilization plan. The plan does include both pre and post emergent weed controls in the first two fertilizations which are performed in the spring. This plan can be modify to accommodate a homeowner who wants more or less frequent visits.

Chemical Fertilization Lawns

  • Round 1- Pre-emergent Herbicide and a high nitrogen fertilizer to provide a quick green up. – March 15.
  • Round 2- Post emergent herbicide along with a balanced fertilizer. – May 1.
  • Round 3- Slow release fertilizer with a lowered nitrogen content to prevent burning of the lawn. - June 15.
  • Round 4- Slow release fertilizer with iron added to improve the color of the lawn. - July 15.
  • Round 5- High Nitrogen fertilizer to provide a bright green lawn in the Fall. – August 30.
  • Round 6- Nitrogen based slow release fertilizer. – October 30.

The second plan we offer is a truly organic fertilization plan. This plan utilizes a granular organic fertilizer comprised of animal blood and waste that has been dried and pelletized. It does not smell and is 100% natural. Long term use of this type of fertilization will have beneficial effects on the soil under your lawn.

Organic Fertilization Lawns

  • Round 1- Natures Safe 10-2-8 March 15 (want organic weed prevention corn gluten can be used)
  • Round 2- Natures Safe 10-2-8 May
  • Round 3- Natures Safe 8-5-5 June 15
  • Round 4- Natures Safe 8-5-5 August 1
  • Round 5- Natures Safe 13-0-0 September 1
  • Round 6- Natures Safe 13-0-0 October 15

Weed & Insect Control – We offer weed and insect control treatments for your lawn and plantings. These are performed after a representative from Envirogrow has reviewed the property and determined the appropriate treatment for the weeds or insect infestation. The customer is then provided with our assessment of the problem and the cost for the solution. Requests can be made either by phone or e-mail.

Lime – Soils in Northern Virginia are acidic in nature. We recommend at least once a year having your lawn treated with lime. If you choose to do it once a year we suggest at least fifty pounds per thousand square feet. We can make a soil test to accurately assess lime requirements to correct PH.

Compost – this can be applied at any time throughout the year although it works best when the grass is actively growing. We use a compost that is PH balanced for lawns to improve not only the fertility of the lawn but the PH as well. Typically the material is applied at a ¼ inch.

Shrub & Tree Fertilization – Shrub and tree fertilization is almost always done using a slow release organic fertilizer like Holly-Tone. It is usually done in the spring just ahead of the mulching

Soil Testing – We offer soil testing at a rate of $25.00 per test. The test tests Ph,P,K,Ca,Mg,Zn,Mn,Cu,Fe, B and estimated CEC(determines clay content) and includes fertilizer and lime recommendations.

Gypsum – This is the best method we know of to reduce the clay content in your soil. It is a natural mineral that will actually break down clay soil. Applications normally begin at fifty or more pounds per thousand square feet.

Grub Control – We highly recommend this extra service to ensure your lawn does not get widespread turf damage due to grubs.  We provide the safest, most effective way of controlling grubs with one application applied in Mid-June to Late July, providing season long control.