Top 10 reasons to use Mulch Solutions:
  • It’s quick and easy
  • We are there when you need us
  • A more consistent layer of material is applied
  • Saves your time
  • Saves your back
  • It is cost effective
  • Fast & Professional
  • Special Finished look
  • No piles in your driveway
  • It is the most effective way of applying mulch for large projects, difficult hillsides or just plain hard to reach areas.

Double shredded Hardwood mulch

Dyed brown double shredded Hardwood mulch

Shredded pine bark mulch

Dyed black double shredded Hardwood mulch

Dyed red double shredded mulch

Double hard wood mulch: A natural product from the forest, that gives you the fresh or dark look you want. Mulch controls weeds without herbicides, naturally decomposes to enrich soil, and reduces soil erosion.

Fast and professional: Fast installation, scheduled when you need it. Less disruption and inconvenience will be experienced by the homeowner, tenant, business, and or customer. Mulch solutions can complete the job, rain or shine.

Precision: Uniform and precise application reduces cost, and uses less material to cover the same terrain. There are no leftover piles on the driveway.

Aesthetics: Eliminates unsightly piles of material left on your property while you wait for them to be spread, as well as the stains left by these piles. Reduces the damage that occurs when trying to dump bulk materials.

Plant Health: Eliminates damage to lawns and plants caused by wheelbarrows, equipment, and personnel, as well as less plant disease and broken branches.

Finished look: Hard wood mulch, when blown in, has a special finished look unattainable by any other method of application.

Optional service

Bed edging and preparation: Your beds will be machine edged at 2”-3” in depth. Beds will be cleaned and prepared. This will give the beds a neat appearance and make them ready for mulch. (Additional cost).