Stream Restoration

With the ever changing world we live in, the streams and waterways in which we use for our enjoyment are in need of revitalization. As more and more construction is done, more and more impermeable surfaces are created thus causing more run off into our streams. These streams then take a beating with the additional water flows that come through them. Many times causing property loss, such as fences and sheds.

Our goal is to provide you with everything from consultation and design all the way to installation to help revitalize our streams.

In the revitalization process we use a wide variety of techniques. Our approach is to use as many green techniques as possible. In this process we use a product called Filtrexx. We are a certified installer of Filtrexx products. Filtrexx offers what is commonly called a compost filled soxx. With the use of our blower trucks we fill these soxx with a specific compost media and inject seed right into the compost to vegetate the soxx. Different methods are used in which to anchor the soxx into place according to the designs.

Our blower trucks are much less invasive than heavy equipment. We are able to access many areas that heavy equipment cannot reach.

Getting the right vegetation for the right stream is the key to success. We have several different means in which to do so. As we mentioned earlier, we inject the seed right into the soxx. We also do live staking, plant plugs and larger plants if the locations dictates the need. We use species that are native to the area.