Leaf removal

Everybody loves the crisp, fresh air but then comes that time of the year many homeowners dread. Fall leaf season! Nothing makes a weekend worse than grabbing that rake and spending a day out raking leaves. This year let the experts take over. Envirogrow has the solution. A crew of laborers armed with back pack blowers, push blowers and rakes and if you choose, a leaf vacuum parked on the street attached to a truck ready to remove every leaf from your residence.

Leaf removal is typically done in November or December. We allow you the freedom to choose when we do the work. When we do leaf removals whether we take the leaves away to be recycled, place them in a compost pile, blow them into the woods or leave them at the curb for county pick up.

We offer several sign up periods. Those periods are shown on the calendar below. Don’t forget the gutters and the roof! Those can be done at the same time as the leaf removal. We perform this service with back pack blowers.

Many of our customers after the last leaf clean up of the season have us mulch their plant beds with either mulch or compost to protect their plants and make the beds look their Winter best!