Property enhancements

Clean up’s

Haven’t figure out how to tackle that large over grown area? Let our professional crews come in and clean it out for you. We have all the right equipment in order to make it a breeze. We have the right size trucks in order to haul it all away for you and dispose of it at a environmental recycling facility.

Bamboo Eradication

Many people have invasive bamboo in their backyards and don’t know, understand or have the horse power to get rid of it. Let the experts show you how to do it. We are so sure of ourselves, WE GUARANTEE our work!

Landscape Enhancments

We have found that homeowners often want a couple extra perennials, shrubs or trees added to their landscape or maybe just a large boulder or small rock wall. Envirogrow is happy to meet those requests. We purchase all our plants from growers, not wholesalers or retailers and only to your order to insure you get the best possible plant that is healthy and freshly dug. We try whenever possible to purchase the plants from local nurseries within a 100 mile radius of Washington DC. Our management team will be happy to consult and provide you with pricing and availability.

Seasonal Flower Rotations

Do you have entrance features on your property with annual beds or beds by the pool or front door. Envirogrow provides for the design, supply, delivery and installation of annuals for flowerbed planting. The installation of annuals can occur up to three times during the year. Requests for installation of annuals must be made a minimum of month in advance to facilitate the ordering of plants. Annuals plant beds are enhanced each time with compost or pine fines prior to the installation of flowers. All flowers are watered in after planting.