Pruning & Weeding

Flower bed weeding

Weeds create an unsightly appearance in any yard and rob nutrients and life giving moisture from the soil. They crowd good plants, killing them off in the process. Who wants an unkempt looking yard. Envirogrow has two programs for the discerning homeowner. Both weeding programs commence in May and end in October. The first is offered on a biweekly basis. A total of twelve visits is made. The second is a monthly service that provides a total of seven visits. Our goal is to cater our plan to the client needs. We allow you to choose whether you want the visits to be a simple weeding or whether you want an upgraded service level where we clean and improve bed edges and tree rings, touch up & freshen mulch where appropriate, deadhead flowering perennials, annuals and shrubs, spray hardscape for crack weeds and remove twigs, sticks, trash and branches from beds

Weeds can become unsightly if they are left unchecked for a period of time. The typical growing season for weeds is the same as your lawn. Once the weather gets warm, weeds start to grow. By mulching your flower beds, it helps deter weeds.

Shrub Pruning

Did you know that the landscape of the average home is worth as much as $5,000.00-$10,000.00 or more! Proper maintenance of the shrubs will help keep the value.

Envirogrow offers a variety of pruning programs. Proper pruning retains the value of the landscape by allowing plants to flourish and not overgrow the space. Diseases and pests are kept under control by removal of dying branches and increasing airflow and reducing suckers that drain strength from the plants. Our recommendation and favorite of many of our clients is the three time a year pruning plan.(see below) The single best time to prune most plants is in the late winter or early spring before growth begins. Typically at this time plants are pruned to improve structure and shape, remove dead and diseased branches and get the plants ready to flourish in the spring. Our standard pruning includes all shrubs and deciduous trees up to six inch caliper and evergreens up to sixteen feet. We are able to prune larger trees and provide removal services which normally are individually priced upon request. A onetime pruning for your property is always available or individual plants upon request.f Also a customer may request pruning of larger trees which will require a separate estimate.

Late Winter- This pruning is done to improve shape and develop structure and character and improve health and growth habits. All shrubs and trees up to six inch caliper shall be pruned.

Early Summer- June 15 After flowering spring shrubs are finished blooming.

Late Summer- September 15- Eliminate erratic growth habits from the summer season