Tips & Suggestions

  • The best time to seed your lawn is during Late August or early September. The main reason is that you give your new lawn a chance to germinate and grow during cooler weather. Your lawn typically will have until June of the next year to develop a root system to carry it through the hot summer.

  • Watering for your new or over seeded lawn. We recommended you water your new lawn every day for the first 1-2 weeks a few minutes each day. (3-7 minutes) A new lawn in full sun will require more time or twice daily for a short duration if you are able to. This will help keep the seed moist and allow for germination. If the seed dries out then it will die. Once the seed begins to grow(typically a week after you see the grass emerge from the soil) water your lawn less frequently for longer periods of time. Every 2-3 days for 15-25 minutes works well provided temperatures are around sixty to eighty degrees. Less frequent watering will force the new roots to penetrate into the soil deeper searching for water.

  • Lawn height. The ideal height for tall fescue is 3”. Cutting at this height will prevent too much of the leaf being removed during the cut. When you cut you only want to take off about 1/3 of the height of the grass. If you cut much higher than 3” the grass may fold over when cutting and you will not get a good even cut. Cutting lower than 3” runs the risk of burning out the lawn. It exposes the soil to the heat of the sun and allows summer weeds to overgrow the grass. If the lawn is not bowling alley smooth scalping will occur.