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About Envirogrow lawn & landscaping /Mulch Solutions

Envirogrow has been around since the early 1991 as a small business. We incorporated in 1997 and shortly thereafter purchased our first blower truck in 2000. We provide services throughout the Northern Virginia for both residential and commercial locations alike.

Envirogrow is a Class A contractor. We have both Commercial Chemical applicators and registered technicians on staff for our fertilization programs. The philosophy of the company’s success has been to continually invest in its employees and equipment to allow us to provide the best service possible. One of the investments in equipment has been in pneumatic blower trucks.

Mulch Solutions is the regions #1 blower truck installer. We have installed over 100,000 yards of product every year. Recently we have moved into our permanent facilities in Chantilly to accommodate our ever growing fleet. We have been able to reach as far as 800 ft. from where the truck sits to install materials such as compost and playground safety surface. When installing green roof medium we have gone as high as 32 stories. Let us know what we can install for you.

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