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Lawn Care

Lawn Mowing

As the growing seasons change we adapt to them by offering several different options to choose from. 

  • Plan A – Weekly

  • Plan B – Weekly during the spring and fall.  Bi-weekly during the hot summer.

  • Plan C – Bi-weekly the entire season.

  • Plan D – Weekly during the spring.  Bi-weekly the rest of the season.

Each plan includes bi-weekly edging of hard surfaces such as walks, drives and patios. 


All hard surfaces are blown clean. 


The mowing seasons typically start at the end of March and go until the 1st or 2nd week of November based on growing conditions.


We offer group rates for next door neighbors.


Aeration/Seeding Topdressing

Aeration removes small cores of soil helping to allow air, moisture and nutrients to penetrate down to the root zone.  We use a sun or shade mix based on the conditions of your lawn. 


We apply it at a rate of 6-8 lbs. per thousand square feet.  The best time for Aeration and seeding is in the fall.  Usually late August to early October.  This will allow plenty of time for the grass to germinate and develop. 


You can supplement and help get a nice healthy lawn by adding lime, starter fertilizer and topdressing. 

Topdressing is adding a ¼ to ½ inch layer of compost to your lawn.

Fertilization Plans

We offer several various plans to satisfy your level of turf needs.  

We have plans that range from a minimum of 4 applications up to 11 applications. 


We offer herbicide and organic plans.  We have both commercial applicators and registered technicians on staff doing the applications to ensure you have the correct licensed and knowledgeable individual doing your applications. 


Our goal is to make your lawn the best on the block. 


If you need special applications for those hard to eradicate weeds, we offer those too.

Fert 4.jpg

Mosquito & Grub Control

Mosquitos can be a nuisance.  Not to worry, we do applications that will break their breeding cycle. 


Our applicators are trained to look for and target potential breeding areas while doing their applications. 

Grubs are another pest that can harm your turf.  They will eat away at the root systems of your turf. 


Many times they may even attract other preditors to your lawn digging up or even under the turf destroying your lawn while they hunt for the grubs


The best time to treat for them is late spring to early summer.  Don’t wait for grubs to become a problem.

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