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Mulching Services

We have multiple crews ready every spring for your mulch projects.  We offer several different dyed colors of mulch – Brown, Black, Red or even Natural.  When applying mulch our crew will apply it at 2” for a consistent look that will last throughout the season.  We will establish a nice crisp clean edged and clean out the debris prior to the installation.  We offer putting down pre-emergent in your flower beds to help prevent weed infestations and putting down holly tone for plant health and growth.


Cleanup and Other Services

We offer seasonal cleanup, spring, summer, fall and winter to cleanup your property on a periodical basis.  We cut back perennials, trim shrubs at the appropriate time, weed flower beds, collect and dispose of debris that has accumulated since it was last cleaned.  Our goal is to leave your residence with a special touch. 

Planting and Flowers

Annual flower always brighten up the look of your landscape.  We typically put in 6” annuals in both the spring (June) and the fall (late September).  You can also have us install perennials, shrub and trees as well.   Need to replace a shrub or tree we can do that for you too.  We use local nursery and growers for our plants and flower projects. 


Shrub Pruning & Site Visits

We offer shrub pruning multiple times throughout the year.  Shrubs, hedges and trees are pruned to maintain shape and character.  All ornamental shrubs and hedges will be pruned to maintain the natural habit of the species.  Trees, shrubs and hedges will be pruned to correct uneven growth remove suckers, water sprouts, stray shoots and exposed dead or diseased wood.  Upon completion of the work all debris will be cleaned up from the site and hauled away. 

Site visits allow us to keep your residence looking its best.  We will weed flower beds.  Flowers and flowering plants shall be deadheaded.  Hardscape areas will also be sprayed during the visits as necessary.  The crew will pick up and dispose of any litter on site to include leaves, branches and any trash that may be found in yard.  We can perform the services weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly.

Leaf Removal

Leaf removal can be back breaking laborious work.  Our crews make short work of it armed with back pack blowers, leaf pushers, rakes, tarps and leaf vacuums.  Some properties require multiple visits while other just one.  We offer several periods throughout the fall in which to have the services performed allowing you the freedom to pick when your leaves get picked up. 


We also offer gutter cleaning throughout the year.  We don’t just clean the gutters we clean off the entire roof.  Care will be taken when walking on roof tops. Downspouts will be cleaned.  We then clean all generated debris from the ground.

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